ICP Prices and ICP Needed

Conservative Case for ICP

Realistic Case for ICP

Optimistic Case for ICP

This exercise aims to generate three separate charts showing the projected ICP (ICP) prices and the amount of ICP needed to accumulate $1 million, under three different scenarios. The scenarios represent different Compound Annual Growth Rates (CAGR) for ICP prices.

The first chart represents a bearish scenario with an 8% CAGR, indicating a relatively conservative growth rate for ICP prices. The second chart depicts a base scenario with a 15% CAGR, representing a moderate growth rate. Finally, the third chart illustrates a bullish scenario with a 22% CAGR, indicating a more optimistic outlook for ICP price appreciation.

Each chart provides insights into how ICP prices may evolve over time and how many ICP units would be needed to accumulate $1 million under each scenario. These insights can help investors and enthusiasts understand potential future returns and make their own informed decisions about ICP investments. The charts are presented for easy comparison and analysis.

To reach $1 million net worth in ICP in 2040, at today's price, you'd need approximately $315241.68 in ICP (@ 8% CAGR), $122894.53 in ICP (@ 15% CAGR), or $50652.69 in ICP (@ 22% CAGR) USD.